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Rack Case 4U Space Portable Light Weight ABS

Rack Case 4U Space - FREE SHIPPING!


Rack Case 4U Space - FREE SHIPPING!

Light Weight ABS Portable 4U Space Rack Case

Fits Standard 19 inch wide Rack-mount Equipment

Here is a reasonably priced molded ABS & Aluminum lightweight 4 space amp or effects rack, kind of generic but with the Pulse name on it.  The case without lids is 16.5 inches deep, more in line with modern amps and shallow enough to use as an effects rack.  Front and Rear Rails with replaceable steel threaded strips for mounting your rack equipment; screws and washers included for your convenience.  Butterfly steel twist latches.  Stack-able.  Strong.

With Lids:  22.5 inches deep, 22.5 inches wide.  Shipping box is 23 x 23 x 10 inches.  Weight is 12.5, Shipping weight is 15 pounds.

4 Rack Units/Spaces is 7 inches tall

Manufacturer's warranty: 3 months

Product will ship from the US Distributor or from SpeakersForMusic

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