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Locking IEC Power Cables Auto Lock IEC 15 Amp 14 Gauge - FREE SHIPPING


Locking IEC Power Cables Auto Lock IEC 15 Amp 14 Gauge - FREE SHIPPING

Locking IEC Power Cords for Pro Audio and Musicians 

  • 15 amp 14 gauge
  • Standard Computer Style IEC locking connector
  • With reusable Velcro cable strap
  • Short lengths - Great inside Racks
  • Long lengths - Perfect for Powered Speakers


New products! Locking power cords with standard IEC 320 C13 computer style configured ends. Solves the problem of loose power connections causing interruptions in your equipment from any cause such as the transport of equipment, vibration from high output powered speakers, inadvertent stepping on power cords or any other reason you can think of! Use on Mixers, Instrument Amplifiers, Effect Racks, Amp Racks, Powered Speakers: You name it! They take a lot of worry out of troubleshooting problems during setup and performance.

Always buy a locking cable at least as heavy and equal or larger gauge as the cable supplied with your equipment:  Never smaller!

Compatible with all standard IEC power input connectors, backwards compatible, no installation required. Removal is simple by sliding the red buttons back and pulling the connector at the same time. The locking system grabs on the ground prong and is rated at 30 pounds of pull without detachment. Solid.

Warranted for one year against defects.

Available in 3 wire gauges for 10 amps (for most effects, mixers and powered speakers), 13 amps for higher power powered speakers or as a upgrade 10 amp applications, and 15 amp high power amplifiers and equipment.

Available in short lengths for interior power in racks, 6 foot lengths for standard applications, and 10 foot lengths for powered speakers and monitors. Put the speakers on a stand and don’t worry about the power cord coming loose. Run it to a powered stage monitor speaker with a 10 foot clearance without power strips or extension cords.

These cables carry all standard UL approvals.

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